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11th October 2020
Morning worship at St Ninian's

13th September 2020
Almost a live broadcast....

20th September 2020
Worship at St Ninian's today.

27th September 2020
Morning worship in church today.

29th November 2020
Worship and holy communion

4th October 2020
Worship from St Ninian's

6th September 2020
Worship on the first day of limited access to worship.

A first reflection from St Ninian's Study
Words of encouragement from Rev David J Smith, minister of St Ninian's Parish Church, Glenrothes.

August 16th 2020
David's reflection for this week. Apologies for the late posting here. Internet is now sorted.

August 23rd 2020
Reflections for our church family and our friends

August 2nd 2020
David's reflections for today

August 30th 2020
Short act of communion. Please have ready a piece of bread and a small glass of wine or juice - whichever is appropriate for you.

August 9th 2020
Reflections from the manse study.

communion on Easter Sunday 2020
Edited version of today's short act of worship. Stay safe. God bless.

Easter +1 - final edition
Thoughts and a prayer from the study.