Daily Prayers 3


Sunday 24th March 2019

It is God whose purpose summons us to use the present hour, 
who recalls us to our senses when a nation’s life turns sour.
In the discipline of freedom we shall know his saving power.

   *Pray with thanksgiving for the work and dedication we receive through the musical talents within our church family. Today, we have the privilege of singing from the latest edition of our own Praise Book.
   *Pray for the people of New Zealand and the Muslim community of Christchurch, many of them refugees who have chosen to settle there, having fled their own areas of conflict for the known peace. Now they have suffered the tragic loss of 50 residents attending Friday prayers – may they know the love of Christ’s faithful surrounds them as they seek to restore peace in their community again.
   *Pray for the Macedonia Ministries Team, Sue and Adam, who led inspired worship here last Sunday evening; an enlightening and forceful message that u-turns are not recommended on the Christian journey of church life – the way is forward with faith!
   *Pray for the people of Mozambique, Zimbabwe and surrounding areas who have been devastated by a cyclone, disrupting services, homes and amenities to a monumental scale. Bless and protect the aid agencies, rescuers, and survivors, support them by prayer and financial giving from the rest of the world and be with them at this time.


Sunday 17th March, 2019

May the God of hope go with us every day,
filling our lives with love, joy and peace.  
May the God of justice speed us on our way
with light and hope to every land and race.


  • Pray with thanksgiving for our town as, over the years, we have welcomed people from surrounding towns, cities and much further afield to be resident here: everyone in their own way sharing and learning varying customs, dialects, education, artistic and spiritual learning, uniquely seen in the many interfaith, intergenerational events we participate in.

  • Pray for the many families who have been bereaved at this time in so many tragic circumstances: the four mountaineers caught in the avalanche in Ben Nevis, those involved in the fatal car crash on the A90 at Stonehaven, and the immense loss of all traveling with the Ethiopian Airlines.  May they receive comfort, caring love and the blessing of peace surround them as they mourn.

  • Pray for the volunteers and staff, together with the Management Committee of St. Ninian’s Charity Shop & Community Café as they seek to recruit more local members for their planned undertakings with the future expansion of the West Neighbourhood area.

  • Pray for those known to us of our church family, neighbours or extended family that we have not seen or been in touch with for some time.  In our observation of Lent, let us take thoughtful time to remember them in the touching place they hold in our own life’s journey.

       *   A special prayer for the youngsters flying to Abu Dhabi to take part in the Special Olympics.   *


Sunday 10th March 2019

Creator of the stars of night,
your people's everlasting light,
O Christ, redeemer of us all,
we pray you hear us when we call.

   * Pray with thanksgiving for the many services provided by CrossReach, the Church of Scotland arm which provides care, comfort, counseling and recovery for those who seek help and understanding when their life is severely affected by substance abuse.
   * Pray for the parents and siblings where families are suffering the trauma of a stillbirth - may they be wrapped in the warmth and love of comforting blessing that Christ bestows on these darkest of days in family life.
   * Pray for the members of our church family and community who at this time face fear and anxiety with chronic and physical health issues.
   * Pray for those involved in many churches which take an active part in the support of Fairtrade distribution which is so beneficial to the people of many countries throughout the world. Bless them and seek their safety as they daily encounter challenging negotiation, climate and conflict to achieve their aims successfully.


Sunday 3rd March, 2019

Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.
(Jeremiah 33, verse 3)


  • Pray with thanksgiving for the period of exceptional weather we have been experiencing recently, giving us an uplift in spirits as the carpets of snowdrops, crocus and budding daffodils, early-morning birdsong, the lengthening days tell us new life is appearing in creation everywhere.

  • Pray for those in our community who daily suffer situations of bullying in their workplace; where fear and unrest make for an unpleasant, stressful environment and put a severe strain on physical and mental health.  Help them to seek support and guidance.

  • Pray for our church family and members of the community who undertake the observance of Lent; be with and bless all who seek to further their knowledge of the significance of the days leading towards Easter.  Bless and guide the leaders of Lent Studies, here and in other Glenrothes’ churches.

  • Pray for the unrest in the wider world: France with their continuous angry marches; Yemen, their famine and lack of aid getting to their ports; the serious conflict in South America; and lately, the escalation of hostility between India and Pakistan over Kashmir.

Sunday 24th February 2019

Serve the Lord with gladness; 
come before him with joyful singing.
(Psalm 100, verse 2)

   *Pray with thanksgiving for our Youth Fellowship, the leaders and members who led our service of worship last week, with a modern interpretation of ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’ to inspire us all of the similarity of human behaviour throughout the ages as Christians.
   *Pray, that over this week, all who have organised and prepared to host our many visitors for the upcoming events, will be aware of the presence of God in all they do to support the Bruce Davies and Friends fundraiser and the Guild Seedtime Supper. 
   *Pray for the community with all their anxieties and concerns over council tax, new initiatives, and increases in areas of expenditure; the proposed changes in school lunch provision and changes in length of school hours and transport.
   *Pray for the Churches of many denominations, observing and participating in Worship for World Day of Prayer on Friday 1st March.


Sunday 17th February, 2019

God almighty set a rainbow arching in the sky above,
and the people understand it as a signal
of His love to people everywhere.

   *Pray with thanksgiving for God’s eternal loving guidance and care shown to us in this place. Let us throughout the week share this love with acts of kindness to those we meet as we go on our way.
   *Pray for our membership and community, for those who take part in the many duties required to maintain our building inside and out for the benefit throughout the week by a variety of groups of all ages and interests who meet here.
   *Pray for families and friends and communities who have suffered the tragic and brutal deaths of elderly residents through street violence and burglary.
   *Pray for the students of Parklands School, Florida who, one year on from the mass shooting which killed pupils and staff, are continuing their mission to change the attitudes of the NRA and other governing bodies towards seeking gun control.


Sunday 10th February 2019

Come to me all of you
who are tired from carrying heavy loads
and I will give you rest.

   *Pray with thanksgiving for those of our church family and community who give their time or, where the need is greatest, their working life to be with vulnerable family members to give comfort and protection and loving care where social care provision has either become unaffordable or has ceased to be provided in the area.
   *Pray for the teachers and trained professionals who work within the mental health youth teams here in Fife schools and colleges. As part of an ever-increasing workload they mentor their pupils and students who display anxiety and fear and the stress of the many aspects of modern living, IT and silent communication. 
   *Pray for the bereaved families of those who have lost their lives in various areas of the UK this week; in explosions, fire and mountaineering – may they know the warmth of Christ’s love and comforting guidance through the depths of caring surrounding each one.
   *Pray for the many areas of the world known to us offering unimaginable conditions of living, floods, mud-slides, gales, mines collapsing, homes destroyed, water contamination, and health services with hospitals deprived of life-saving facilities, equipment and medicines. May support for their survival, together with strength, physical services and emergency aid supplies become available.


Sunday 3rd February 2019

Even though the rain hides the stars,
even though the mist swirls the hills,
even when the dark clouds veil the sky,
You are by my side.

 *  Pray with thanksgiving for the medical and dental centres we have in our community; for the dedicated and experienced care we receive from all the individual health-care services. Let us seek patience and understanding as they meet the demands required of them in such a widespread area at this difficult time. time.
*  Pray for our minister, office bearers, district elders who, this week, meet together in our name to oversee the many financial administrative needs of our parish in 2019.
*  Pray for all those who, after the loss of their family members in the tragedy of Hillsborough and the plane crash at the Air Show in Dorset, once more are required to relive the agony of these diasters after so many years. May they now be left with God's peace and an understanding after years of waiting on justice and clarity.
*  Pray for the residents of America, south and midwest, who have been experiencing a once in a generation polar vortex air freeze, with temperatures as low as -55°`C resulting in many deaths.  In our community many have relatives rd February 2019and friends there and we hold them in our thoughts and prayers.

This week is designated as Cancer Week.
Pray for those in treatment, recovery and those actively involved in research.

Sunday 27th January 2019

Children of God, reach out to one another! 
Where pity dwells, the peace of God is there; 
to worship rightly is to love each other, 
each smile a hymn, each kindly deed a prayer.

* Pray with thanksgiving for the members of our church family who have supported the financial needs of our administration so well over 2018 in weekly giving, fundraising and donations to national events, particularly in the mid year Stewardship request to where possible review personal giving for 2019. 
* Pray for those who attended the Churches Together service of Prayer for Christian Unity throughout our town and surrounding district and beyond. The warmth and fellowship shared as everyone left to take Christ’s message of love and hope to their own membership and neighbourhood is indicative of faithful understanding to care for our communities.
* Pray for the families who have recently been bereaved with the untimely death of younger members in unforeseen circumstances. We as a church family, pray for one of our families who in the past worshipped and participated in many youth activities prior to moving home, and their youngest son (mid 20’s) died. Bless and be with his siblings and parents and may they be aware of Christ’s comforting care at this time.
* Pray for those known to us who are required to travel daily for their working commitment; may they be protected at this time from the hazards of winter weather and poor road conditions resulting in traffic difficulties. We pray for their safety with road, rail, sea and air travel.


Sunday 20th January 2019

Jesus walked as we walk, He stood where we stand,
He felt what we feel, He understands,
He knows our family, shared our humanity,
tempted in every way yet without sin.

   *  Pray with thanksgiving for the advances in medical research, resulting in many life-threatening conditions now receiving specific treatment to individual needs with encouraging outcomes.

   *  Pray for those of our area who are facing unemployment and life-changing decisions with the closure and relocation of shops and businesses. May they be supported and guided to a more secure future.

   *  Pray for the many young members of our community with special needs who are no longer receiving full-time education due to specialist staff not being available.

   *  Pray that as the winter weather approaches, we take time to be thoughtful and caring for those of our church family and community in their daily needs of warmth, walking, transport, shopping and communication. We remember the people of Europe who are suffering chaotic climatic changes with blizzards and mountainous snow falls which are causing them to be isolated and villages to be lost.


Sunday 13th January 2019

It is God whose purpose summons us to use the present hour;
who recalls us to our senses when a nation's life turns sour;
in the discipline of freedom, we shall know His saving power.

   * Pray with thanksgiving for the dedicated service we as a church family have been privileged to receive from two of our Session Elders - Tom Cunningham 50 years,  and Tony Cromie 47 years; each beginning their journey of Christian service in Kirkcaldy - may Christ continue to lead, guide and protect them on the Way.

   * Pray for the recently bereaved within our community; surround those who love them dearly with comforting love as they seek understanding of their loss with guidance and loving care in the days ahead. 

   * Pray for the parents and children who received our Christmas boxes - may they know, as they follow their daily routine, that the warmth and love continues to surround them. Guide us, their neighbours, to ensure those in responsible positions of authority are aware of the health and nutritional needs of families whose financial income is causing great anxiety.

    * Pray for patience, tolerance, and understanding with respect for differing points of view to circulate in all communities, workplaces, recreational venues - wherever people gather in these difficult days  ahead as our Parliaments and those in government posts decide our future.


Sunday 6th January 2019

As with gladness men of old 
did the guiding star behold, 
as with joy, they hailed its light, 
leading onwards, beaming bright; 
so most gracious Lord may we 
evermore be led to thee.

   *Pray with thanksgiving for the many people who worked over the past two weeks to keep the essential utilities, medical needs and emergency services functional. May they now have rest, peace and love surround them for the precious time given.
   *Pray for those who need to travel to work by rail where costs have been increased and the services are causing disruption, unreliability of timetabling, giving concern for responsible punctuality and missed connections.
   *Pray for the families and friends of those who, during the festive break, have been faced with injury or death through violence, fire or tragic accident: surround them with Christ’s love through the care, comfort and compassion of their community at this time.
   *Pray for the communities in Australia suffering from much higher than normal temperatures, causing concern for the very young and the elderly. Also, the Russian families who, because of gas explosions, lost their apartment homes with many deaths and the miraculous survival of the baby boy recovered 30 hours later from the rubble. May they know of the prayers for supportive aid to enable them to ease their pain and anxiety as they search for those unaccounted and provide homes for the survivors.

May Christ’s message of love, peace and harmony be with you all for 2019.


Sunday 30th December 2019

Be thou my vision,
O Lord of my heart,
Be all else but naught to me,
Save that thou art;
Be thou my best thought
In the day and the night,
Both waking and steeping,
Thy presence my light.


Sunday 23rd December 2018

It’s somebody’s birthday, I won’t forget 
as I open the things that I get. 
I remember the inn and the stable so bare, 
and Jesus who once lay there.

   *Pray with thanksgiving for the life we have here in this place, the joy of family, friends and neighbours over these festive days ahead. Let us share our rejoicing in the Christmas Message – the precious gift from God to mankind.
   *Pray for those known to us who have been bereaved during this year. Life for them at this time is of anxiety and sadness, unable to gain warmth from memories of previous Christmas gatherings. May they be blessed with caring empathy in the knowledge that they are in our thoughts and prayers.
   *Pray for the many children in care, unable for many reasons to be with their own family at this time. Surround them with guidance and encouragement to know they are affectionately loved and cared for in a safe place.
   *Pray in remembrance of Lockerbie, the bereaved, the world-wide links of relatives who are still tangibly linked to the town. Bless them with the knowledge of our prayers for the spirit of human understanding and the blessing of peace.

Sunday 16th December 2018

Love is a candle whose light makes a circle,
where every face is a face of a friend.
Widen the circle by sharing and giving –
God’s holy dare – love everywhere!


  • Pray with thanksgiving for the thoughtful love shared among Kirkcaldy area Guilds with their goodwill donations of provisions towards our Pastoral Care Christmas boxes together with similar projects in Kirkcaldy and Levenmouth.

  • Pray for all mothers of premature babies who are separated from them in specialist units – comfort them at this time of fear as they wait anxiously to be reunited with baby.  At this time, pray for the family of the premature baby whose Mother died as a result of becoming unwell as she returned to the ward after spending time with her baby.

  • Pray, seeking Christ’s compassion, for the families, friends and community who are suffering the anguish of the death of a young daughter, a young life lost and hidden by a random act of violence in New Zealand and here in Scotland.

  • Pray for the many participants in the musical events being held throughout the district in this Christmas season.  Bless and be with all who have trained and encouraged the musicians, soloists and choirs for the enjoyment of us all.


Sunday 9th December 2018

Hope is a candle lit by the prophets, 
dim in the daylight of power and privilege –
when they are gone, 
hope will shine on.

   *Pray with thanksgiving for the blessing of the spirit guiding the organizers and hundreds of people of all ages who took part in the Sleep in the Park last night in freezing conditions to bring to our attention, the plight of the homeless.
    *Pray for the family and community of Drummore village as they grieve the loss of a retired couple caught in a sudden storm when their car was overturned as they traveled on the coastal route near their home. May all who gave of their time, courage and strength to search the area receive the healing peace and comfort of God’s love.
   *Pray for those known to us in our community who are unemployed, fearing redundancy or experiencing financial difficulty with the changes in the way allowances and specific benefits are being regulated: guide and protect them and their families at this time.
   *Pray for doctors and medical personnel who work for Kids OK, a charitable organization working through Africa, Asia and South America, carrying out surgical procedures on curable diseases, birth defects, twisted limbs and feet and routine operations like hernias, hearing loss and digestive problems on babies and children where facilities, equipment and medicines are scarce.

Sunday 2nd  December 2018 

The sacred year has revolved so let the Advent Candles burn brightly, 
the first bringing hope of love and light through the darkness

   *Pray with thanksgiving, each one of us, for our own health and well-being and the blessing of our family members both near us and far-flung places. This season of Advent, as our thoughts turn to friends and neighbours of the past, let us be thankful in seeking God’s blessing on our ability to reminisce and feel the depth of true friendship and shared fellowship.
   *Pray for the farming community as they plan and undertake the complexity they face with the tasks they must work on during the damp days of winter – crop rotations and animal welfare, other diverse activities to actively meet our needs throughout the year in our changing climate.
   *Pray for guidance and understanding for those in our education system, sports clubs, youth clubs and social media to acknowledge the steep rise in numbers of 11-16 year olds being introduced to forms of gambling and support those involved to assist the groups to be aware of the dangers gambling can cause to family-life.
   *Pray for the people working here in the UK for many years who are torn with anxiety and fear of the changes regarding legal residence in the future; questions of citizenship or refugee status. We ask Christ’s love and comfort to surround them at this time of uncertainty and financial anxiety until clarity is known and understood.


Sunday 25th November 2018

Lord, in love and perfect wisdom, times and seasons you arrange,
working out your changeless purpose in a world of ceaseless change,
you have formed our ancient nation,
guiding it through all the days, to unfold it in your purpose.


  • Pray with thanksgiving for those of our church family who are gradually returning to health following intensive treatment or incapacity from serious, painful injuries.  May they continue to receive loving care, comfort and healing as their daily blessing in the weeks ahead.

  • Pray for the families, friends and neighbours of all young people who have lost their lives in tragic road accidents, house fires, or are missing from home.  Surround them with comfort and the Christian message of love, hope, peace and understanding.

  • Pray for the leaders and those who have arranged the contents of the Advent Studies for our members as we gather together to share discussion, preparation and our understanding of the Christmas message.

  • Pray for the many groups and organisations who, this week, are organizing and preparing the Worship Room for the festive Christmas Tree Concert to mark the beginning of Advent.  We seek Christ’s presence with us throughout the many acts of worship taking place this coming season.

  • Pray for all attending our Presbytery Prayer Initiative St. Andrew’s Day


Sunday 18th November 2018

God will be our Shepherd as we go on our way
and will not forsake us when we go astray.  
Even though the load of life is hard to bear,
we must not forget that God is always there.


  • Pray with deep gratitude for our Minister and members who, last week, prepared and reverently guided us through the centenary Armistice Day of Remembrance with thoughtful acts of reflective worship, music and our observations of the nation’s tribute as in 1918 the bells rang out to tell the nation the Battle's O’er.

  • Pray for the many groups meeting within our church who aim to bring people together, sharing information, interests, new skills, laughter, games and a caring fellowship.  May they know the blessing of Christ be with them here and through our community. In particular this week, let us acknowledge the work and skills of the Upcycling Group in their outreach to the community.

  • Pray for the young riders and their families who undertook the Rickshaw Challenge for Children in Need: their spirited enthusiasm and joy in the team approach to succeed as each of them, through childhood, had met with debilitating issues.

  • Pray for the residents of Paradise, a town in California, and surrounding districts where the loss of their entire neighbourhood through extensive wildfires has devastated them.  Comfort the bereaved and support and guide the response services personnel and give rest, solace and peace to the army of firefighters in the days ahead


Sunday 11th November 2018

What shall we pray for those who died,                                
those on whose death our lives relied?  
Silenced by war but not denied,
God give them peace.     


  • Pray with thanksgiving for the strength and devotion of the descendants from the lost generation, enduring the burden and sacrifice made by thousands who left their families, homes, work and gave their lives to go to defend their homeland against the tyranny of conflict and the promise of peace in their time.

  • Pray for our church and community this evening as we join together in the Nation’s tribute – The Battle's O’er and reflect on the immediate silence and the emotion as the gunfire ceased, one hundred years ago.

  • Pray, seeking greater understanding, for those known to us suffering from chronic and debilitating conditions; many forms of neurological, muscular arthritis which inhibits their mobility and participation in routine daily living.  May they be blessed with loving care, comfort and warmth throughout the darker days of winter and be blessed by companionship of family and friends.

  • Pray for our Missionary Partner, Gillian Rose as she shares her Christian love and devotion in so many ways to those she has dedicated her training, skills and compassion for the many social and health needs she encounters in Bollobhpur Hospital in Bangladesh.


Sunday 4th November 2018

We’ll walk the land with hearts on fire 
and every step will be a prayer. 
Hope is rising, new day dawning, 
sounds of singing fill the air

   *Pray with thanksgiving for members of the Church of Scotland in many congregations, large and small, throughout our nation and in other countries where our kin have settled; retaining and sharing our faith and culture.
   *Pray for our Presbytery members who organized the visit of the Moderator of the General Assembly to be here at this time of reflection for 70 years of life in our town; sharing in her aspirations of meeting with and walking alongside the local people on part of the Fife Pilgrim Way. 
   *Pray that the Blythswood Care Shoebox Appeal 2018 will be supported by our community, helping to bring comfort and knowledge of our loving care to the children of Eastern Europe.
   *Pray for understanding and guidance throughout world governments and UN delegations to succeed in bringing help and aid to the people of war-torn Yemen where famine, hardship and unimaginable suffering is their daily life.


Sunday 28th October 2018

Lord, for the years Your love has kept and guided,
urged and inspired us,
cheered us on our way,

sought us and saved us,
pardoned and provided,

Lord we bring our thanks today.


  • Pray in thanksgiving for the dedication of our choir members and office bearers who maintained the fulfillment of their participation in Sunday worship until the appointment of Stephen Britain, our new Organist who was so warmly welcomed last Sunday.
  • Pray throughout this week towards the National Day of Prayer for Scotland on Saturday, recognising issues of life in our nation; changes in lifestyle, shopping, workplace; new skills required in IT and communication; local government, finance, housing, education, transport; NHS Health Board local review of health and social care in Fife.
  • Pray for all involved in the organization of making and distributing millions of poppies circulating during this period of Remembrance - the major monetary contribution by the public to the welfare, rehabilitation and support of our traumatized, injured and retired personnel.
  • Pray today for the residents of our town, past and present and future lives of children and youth in our schools and colleges as we meet together in worship, acknowledging the tireless and futuristic planning endeavours of the Christian community and local churches which gave us many innovative projects over the past 70 years.  Let us seek the guidance of Christ to be ever central to the life of our town.


Sunday 21st October

God be with us in all our thinking, 
in all our speaking, in all we do;
and as we praise him by all our actions,
He will be with us seeing us through.

*   Pray with thanksgiving for the depth of love, understanding and compassion given in many ways by our members to children. On Sunday, through baptism, we welcomed Roman Smith to the fellowship and care of our church family. Bless and be with all our children as they lovingly encourage us to support Operation Children’s Rights as their donation to 2018 Harvest Appeal.
*   Pray for our Minister and District Elders who will be meeting this week to review 2018 and assess the needs of our parish community for the year ahead. May they receive God’s blessing in their dedication of time and service in Christ’s name, here in St. Ninian’s.
*   Pray for the members of local churches attending the meeting tomorrow, praying for a changing church. At this time we ask for guidance, understanding and peace to be shared among the Christian community in Shetland as they recognize the changing needs of their island.
*   Pray for a greater understanding throughout our cities and towns of the ethnic and cultural differences of those who have chosen to live there for many reasons. Help us daily to meet the needs of people new to the neighbourhood we share together.

Sunday 14th October

O the life of the world is a fountain of goodness,
overflowing in labour and passion and pain.
In the sound of the city and the silence of wisdom
in the birth of a child once again.

*   Pray with thanksgiving for voluntary service personnel who give their time and expertise to the RNLI, Auxiliary Air Ambulance and Fire Rescue to support those who find themselves in challenging and life-threatening situations in coastal and rural areas as in the Outer Hebrides recently.

*   Pray for those of our church family who through injury, ongoing treatment and chronic illness are unable to be with us today. May they receive loving care and comfort in the knowledge of Christ’s healing power at this time.

*   Pray for guidance, support and understanding for our local community, family, friends and residents of Forres Court as they grieve the tragic death of 2 of their neighbours.

*   Pray for international acceptance and legislation of the Climate Control conference report on the future of our planet at an early date as each continent recognises the catastrophic changes in seasonal weather conditions worldwide.


Sunday 7th October 2018

Your kingdom come, Your will be done.
Spirit of life, by whom all things are made,
through the thick darkness covering every nation
be light to our blindness come now to our aid.


  • Pray with thanksgiving for the recognition given to the Management, Staff and Volunteers of St. Ninian’s Charity Shop and Community Café in their receiving the reward for Dementia Friendly awareness.  May the community continue to share this fellowship, love and understanding in the future.

  • Pray continuously for the protection and safety of our young people and vulnerable adults as they meet, travel and undertake a variety of ways to integrate with their peers in education and social life of the community.

  • Pray for those who undertake a role of responsibility in the administration of our church and organisations.  Let us give our support, where we are able, in active service with the guidance of Christ’s message -love one another as He loved us.

  • Pray for the aid workers and volunteers with specialist expertise and skills who are attempting to alleviate the catastrophic conditions on the Indonesian islands.  Bless and be with those severely traumatized, nurturing tireless physical strength and protection from mental, emotional and psychological stress.

Sunday 30th September

Praise God for the harvest of orchard and field,
and those who gather their yield,
for long hours of labour, the skills of a team,
the patience of science, the power of machine.

Pray, giving thanks for the gifts before us today, given by the generosity of our church family, to share with those in our community and beyond through the dedicated services of volunteers in the local FoodBank.

Pray for the youth of today who are indicating in a number of ways, their rejection of binge drinking, drugs, and truancy; recording in schools and colleges a healthy and more active lifestyle. May they encourage one another to join in this trend and benefit from the changes in recreational pursuits.

Pray for the residents of Inverkip and everyone involved in their Social Services over the 18 years who have been anxious and fearful with uncertainty for the wellbeing of a vulnerable lady in their community. May grace, love and compassion, surround and support them at this time of disbelief and sadness.

Pray for those known to us who have recently been injured in traffic accidents, mountaineering, sailing or house fires, and are now in hospitals beyond their home area. Be with their families at this difficult time as they receive treatment and specialist care to speed their recovery to allow them to be back to the comfort of home.

Sunday 23rd September

Praise the Lord for times and seasons,
cloud and sunshine, wind and rain;
spring to melt the snows of winter till the waters flow again;
grass upon the mountain pastures,
golden valleys thick with grain.

Pray with thanksgiving for the personnel who worked tirelessly throughout the recent stormy weather to assist in the many areas; with damage control for utilities, rail, sea and roads so quickly.

Pray for Sheena and Ian Pirrie, the editors of our church magazine, Update, recently retired after a number of years’ service to us in such an active and time consuming role. May they be aware of our gratitude and bless in Christ’s love to relax and enjoy a peaceful retirement.

Pray for all who will be meeting in our building this week for many different activities to support the community, socially and spiritually. We seek Christ’s loving presence to be within each fellowship gathered together in this place.

Pray for Churches Together, their organisers and volunteers in their preparation for the Interfaith event to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of Glenrothes.

Sunday 16th September 2018

For the healing of the nations, Lord,
we pray with one accord
for a just and equal sharing of the things the earth affords,
to live a life of love in action.


  • Pray with thanksgiving for our Minister, Pastoral Care team and church members who shared a most enjoyable Autumn lunch and Communion yesterday.

  • Pray as we go about our daily routine for the members of our church family we had time to be with at worship.  Remember too those that we have missed for a week or two – hold them in our caring thoughts.

  • Pray for our neighbouring city, Dundee, childhood home and workplace for many of our church family.  May they enjoy the success of the new unique V & A Museum and the future regeneration plans for the waterfront.  Bless and be with the civic authorities as they continue to manager the daily needs of this city which provides so much to the peripheral regions.

  • Pray for the safety of the population of the Carolinas who have been evacuated from their homes and towns during the devastating storms and hurricane.

Sunday 9th September 2018

"I have a dream", a man once said,
"where all is perfect peace, where men and women, black and white,
stand hand in hand and all unite in freedom and love. "

   * Pray with thanksgiving for all who have contributed to our worship over the summer months as we move into the programme for the autumn which office bearers and the teams have prepared for us to further the Christian message in our community.

   * Pray for all known to us who are grieving the death of a beloved young family member from cancer. Let them know our loving concern by asking God's guidance on all who are anxious, to take advantage of the screening services available at their surgery.

   * Pray for those of our church family and community who are embarking on their future education plan, anxious about leaving home for a new environment and the challenges of new friends, budgeting and travel.

   * Pray for the Japanese, and for the many other islands of the Far East, once more devastated by the ferocious typhoon, winds and heavy seas battering their mainland after the very recent torrential rain which flooded areas yet to recover. 


Sunday 2nd September 2018

God bring to fruition your will for the earth,
that no one shall hurt or destroy,
that wisdom and justice shall reign in the land
and your people go forth in joy.

   *Pray with thanksgiving for the outstanding efforts of the organisers, members, and those within the community, who worked for the success of the fete last week. It was enjoyed by all who attended.

   *Pray for the hundreds of UK adults who, as children, suffered years of deprivation and unhappiness when they were separated from their home areas, families and friends, when taken into care. Many of them were taken to live in Australia and other commonwealth countries. May the promise of belated compensation bring some comfort for the anguish they endured.

   *Pray for the citizens of cities, towns and rural areas who,this year, have suffered loss and devastation of historic buildings, landmarks and areas of natural beauty through outbreaks of fire, flood and storm damage. May they receive guidance and understanding to meet the challenges of change and of restoration.

   *Pray for greater understanding within schools, Health boards and voluntary organisations for the many young people who are struggling to cope with anxiety and the pressures of life today. May the love and depth of the Christian message surround these young people. 


Sunday 26th August 2018

Round your table, through your giving,
show us how to live and pray,
till your kingdom's way of living

is the bread for us, and for our neighbour
to share each day.

   *Pray with thanksgiving for the lasting friendship nurtured within GBEG as we welcome the Böblingen group on Thursday for a weekend of renewed spiritual and social friendship with their hosts providing hospitality, entertainment and sightseeing to enjoy a swift glimpse of the East Neuk and maybe a culinary treat!

   * Pray for the delegates to the CofS Youth Assembly as they return to their own parish church, college or place of work. Support and encourage us to interact with them as they begin to put into action the discussion ideas, plans, and projects they worked on over their weekend together.

   * Pray for the people of divided North and South Korea who have been unable to travel freely or have their nearest family members visit them for a holiday or join them to be a family unit. May those in authority be blessed with a greater understanding of their aging populations who need, and long for, ease of travel after so many years of conflict.

   * Pray for all the organisations who, after the summer break, are embarking on the 2018/2019 session in this place. May Christ's blessing be with and support the leaders, office bearers and members, both new and returning, that their plans and programmes will be successful, enjoyable and fun.

Sunday 19th August 2018

The God of Heaven is present on earth,
in word and silence and sharing.
In face of doubt, in depth of faith,
in signs of love and caring.

   *Pray with thanksgiving for the generosity of our church family to the community - the most recent donations of home baking to staff of our local primary schools at the start of the new school session, in recognition and support of their work.
   *Pray for the people of Genoa where a busy motorway bridge collapsed with the tragic death of 39 people, many survivors with multiple injuries and with many still to be accounted for. Be with the emergency services, the families of the brave and injured who are grieving, and surround those in authority with understanding as they progress in the future.
   *Pray that NHS recruitment to increase the number of radiologists and specialist staff will be successful in the near future. In particular, in the area of acute intervention where the need is vital to the diagnosis of the most aggressive conditions.
   *Pray for all who are involved in retail outlets, large and small, and those who are concerned and anxious about their own employment as we learn about the changes in the approaches to selling, shopping and banking services in our town centres, affecting our lives.


Sunday12th August 2018

Lord, for our land, in this our generation,
spirits oppressed by pleasure, wealth and care;
for young and old, for commonwealth and nation,
Lord of our land, be pleased to hear our prayer.

*   Pray with thanksgiving for the thousands of military personnel from the UK and Commonwealth who, 100 years ago, marched 8 miles to Amiens and faced a brutal battle where, for the first time, the combined air,sea and artillery fought. Today we acknowledge this brought about the end of World War 1 hostility and conflict resulting in the Armistice in November 1918.

*   Pray for those in our chuch family and community who have become unwell during the summer months are now requiring intensive treatment. May Christ be with them and those who love, care and support them with an understanding of their anxiety until their health is restored. 

*   Pray for everyone known to us this week who received exam results on which the path of their future career depends. Bless each one as they progress with their future plans in the knowledge that at crossroads more than one route can be taken to a destination. 

*   Pray for the people of the Indonesian island which has experienced 2 major earthquakes and many smaller after-shocks with a high number of deaths and people still to be accounted for. In Christ's name we seek loving care and comfort to surround the people of the many areas of the world suffering unprecedented devastation through abnormal climatic conditions or through fire and flood.

Sunday 5th August 2018

Help us to accept each other, as Christ accepted us.
Teach us as sister, brother, each person to embrace.
Be present, Lord, among us and bring us to believe
we are ourselves accepted and meant to love and live

   *Pray with thanksgiving for the many who have formalized their wish to donate vital organs, where suitable, to allow others to live life free from threatening conditions with malfunctioning organs.
   *Pray for the Moray community devastated with a tragic multiple traffic accident with the deaths of three well-loved local residents together with an adult and child on holiday from Italy. Be with them in their hour of grief and bless those coming from Italy to be comforted with love and hospitality in the area.
   *Pray for the adults over 18 in our community who have for lengthy periods been in the care of local authorities in various residential settings and now find the area they live in is unable to provide them with suitable accommodation as they progress to single living.
   *Pray for our leaders, volunteers and all the youngsters who will be attending the Summer Mission here at St. Ninian’s. May they know the blessing and the love of Christ in this place, giving them guidance to be aware of the fellowship and knowledge in all they undertake this week.


Sunday 29th July 2018

Praise God for the skills of the scientist, the urge to discover create and fulfil:
for dreams and inventions that promise to gain a future more hopeful,
a world more humane.

   *   Pray with thanksgiving for the advances in research, for the knowledge and understanding which has given blessings and joy to many childless couples with the advances in IVF and obstetrics.

   *   Pray for the many overseas delegates and members of youth organisations who are taking part in events and conferences in Scotland over the next few weeks that they enjoy our hospitality, the environment of their choice and fulfillment in activity programmes. 

   *   Pray that the negotiations involving the future of BiFab will be fruitful and that the specialist work for energy in the environment here and in Harris will be reactivated.

   *   Pray for the people of Greece as they mourn the loss of so many people trapped in the fiercest wild fires in their history which swept through coastal villages outside Athens. In their overwhelming grief may they receive aid and support as they strive to restore homes and daily living. 


Sunday 22nd July 2018

Oh the light of the world is a joy and a treasure,
unfolding in luxury the green growing trees,
the changing of seasons in mountain and valley,
the stars and the bright restless sea


  • Pray with thanksgiving for all involved in the innovative activities being undertaken by Alzheimer Scotland here in St Ninian’s - the group of families and friends who meet to share fellowship and musical memories, a valuable link in a life of memory loss and silence.

  • Pray for rain showers for the families in rural areas who are suffering from water sources drying up and their daily usage being severely restricted.

  • Pray for the parents who are mourning the death of a son tragically drowned in inland water.  May they know the loving care, comfort and strength of their community who share their loss.

  • Action of Churches Together in Scotland – pray for those attending the transition group this week as they reflect on developing effective ways of enabling churches to work together in their local communities to make it possible for ACT as an organisation to be relevant to local churches.

Sunday 15th July 2018

Thanks be to God for the ploughing, sowing, reaping,
silent growth while we are sleeping,
future needs in earth’s safekeeping.


  • Pray with thanksgiving for the dedication, devotion for others, and cooperation of many nationalities with their expertise and unique skills who brought the young Thai footballers and their coach to safety in such perilous conditions.

  • Pray for greater understanding and commitment here in Scotland for the health of our population.  Seek, through social interaction, education and group publicity to spread the knowledge of how the dangers of an unhealthy lifestyle affect our physical, mental and emotional well-being.

  • Pray for our farmers and fruit growers who are facing a dilemma in balancing the lengthy period of extreme heat with a cry for rain to nourish the rivers, fields, animals and harvest.

  • Pray for all who are going traveling to numerous destinations on a holiday during the summer break: our prayer is for their enjoyment and their journey home safely and refreshed with many happy memories.

Sunday 8th July 2018

We have an anchor that keeps the soul, 
steadfast and sure while the billows roll; 
fastened to the Rock which cannot move, 
grounded firm and deep in the Saviour’s love!

   *Pray with thanksgiving for the dedicated service personnel who have served so diligently for our nation in areas of conflict or peacekeeping duties throughout the world. Be with them and their families at all times especially as they retire; may we grant them a respectful welcome and understanding as they adjust to civilian life.
   *Pray for the family and friends of Alesha MacPhail as they come to terms with her death.
   *Pray for the many families throughout the world who are suffering the loss of their children through tragic incidents; landslide in Japan, refugees drowning in the Mediterranean and tragic car crashes in the UK. Pray too for the situation in Thailand; give comfort to the families and assist the rescuers in what will be a long struggle to free the trapped boys.
   *Pray for continuing support for our local FoodBank as they meet the increasing demand of the summer break. Provide volunteers and customers time to relax and enjoy a change of pace for theses few weeks in the knowledge that the goodwill of the town residents will continue to provide supplies.

Sunday 1st July 2018

Summer suns are glowing over land and sea;
happy light is flowing, bountiful and free. 
Everything rejoices in the mellow ray;
all earth’s thousand voices swell the psalm of praise.


   *Pray with thanksgiving for the 70 years of the NHS; the emotions of living are experienced by us all with the fulfilled hope of one man, Aneurin Bevan in 1948 - a medical service, cradle to grave, free at the point of need.

   *Pray for the Manchester and District Fire Service and Army personnel who are tirelessly working to contain the fires on Saddleworth Moor to save the surrounding community from the effect of the constant wind changes, the fierce fire and clouds of smoke.  Guard, guide, protect them from injury and give them strength and rest as they complete their task.

   *Pray for parents who are becoming increasingly anxious about the intensity and spread of Internet games and social media addiction, in particular with 11 to 17 year olds, causing conflict with siblings and friends with bullying, tiredness and mental health issues.

   *Pray for the staff and volunteers who will be giving of their time and service to assist over the holidays in providing food for the pupils who would normally have a school lunch; also the group leaders who provide games, activities in halls and parks in summer clubs.

Sunday 24th June 2018

I heard the voice of Jesus say, “come unto me and rest;
lay down, thou weary one,
lay down thy head upon my breast.”
I found in Him a resting place, and He has made me glad.

   *Pray this morning with thanksgiving for those of the church family and community who fill our life with music in so many ways; the members of the Choir and Praise Band who lead us in worship, and the Singing for Seniors who sing to entertain through fellowship and fundraising.
   *Pray for the Annual meeting of St. Ninian’s Charity Shop and Community Café: guide and be with the Office Bearers, Trustees and members as they meet to progress the business of the project forward.
   *Pray for the school communities in our area as they break for the summer. Surround those who are moving on in their life with a feeling of satisfaction for a job well done and help them to relax into the new challenges of retirement. For the pupils, a safe holiday, adventure-packed; and for the seniors, time to reflect, hoped-for results, and enjoy the summer.
   *Pray for the members of our church family who today are mourning the death of a beloved partner of 60 years, together with a family grieving for a devoted Mother, a few months after the death of their Father. The grace and love of Christ surround each one at this life-changing time of sadness. We give thanks for their shared friendship and service over the years.


Sunday 17th June 2018

The Church is not a building, the Church is not a steeple,
the Church is not a resting place, the Church is a people!
We are the Church together.

   *Pray today with thanksgiving love in our hearts for our Fathers who gave us life; influenced and guided us in many ways as we undertake our journey through life. We ask God’s blessing to be with all Fathers here in this place and our wider community.
   *Pray for the increasing number of families who find themselves unable to continue living in their own homes: the burden of a continuing increase in household budgets being no longer sustainable and they have become homeless. May they receive support, care and understanding as they seek a suitable solution to remain together.
   *Pray for the group of ethnic women in Glasgow who are working together to meet the needs of refugees from Somalia and other African regions who have been settled in their area and are suffering from fear, isolation, loneliness and mental health issues caused by lack of knowledge and understanding of language and culture following their traumatic journey to freedom from poverty and conflict.
   *Pray that our church family who come along on Thursday will enjoy an evening of fellowship and renewal of neighbourly friendship and meet with new members who have recently come to our area and worship here in St. Ninian’s.


Sunday 10th June 2018

Loving God, you hear our prayer for all those in need today.
Show us how we can help you; lead us to do what we can in your name.

   *Pray for all the volunteers we need in our daily routine: many in our church family volunteer in different ways in the community. May they know the gratitude felt by those they assist in a variety of ways; the thoughtful kindness they share lifts their spirit and brightens their day.
   *Pray for those known to us who are in hospital awaiting diagnosis and treatment for illness and conditions which cause them pain and anxiety. We ask that they receive care, comfort and recovery and are able to return home soon.
   *Pray for those who are finding family life full of uncertainty as they begin to adjust to a loved one facing a future of change as they come to terms with dementia. Grant each one patience, loving care, comfort, support and understanding.
   *Pray with thanksgiving for the youth team who lead us in our worship today – may their enthusiasm and message of outreaching fellowship be of guidance to those they meet on life’s journey.


Sunday 3rd June 2018

What a friend we have in Jesus, all our sins and griefs to bear!
What a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer.

   *Pray with thanksgiving for the many people in every area of community planning who have progressed the development of our town, Glenrothes, for 70 years being celebrated this year. We seek support for the staff and volunteers of our Charity Shop and Community Café as they aim to take us back in time for a 1948 Jumble Sale.
   *Pray for the family and residents of Brussels who once more have been targeted with a terrorist incident resulting in the death of 4 adults, 2 on-duty policewomen. May they know the warmth and comfort of God’s love around them as they try to understand another attack on their daily life.
   *Pray for the senior students throughout the region who, with their exams complete, are now in the exciting transition time of relaxing, planning and seeking placements in their choices for the future. May they be guided, protected and fulfilled in their aspirations towards career access, training and employment.
   *Pray for those known to us in our church family who have recently been married. In seeking Christ’s blessing on their future lives together, let us also give thanks for the number of couples who worship with us and this year celebrate marriages of over 50 and 60 years.


Sunday 27th May 2018

All good gifts around us are sent from heaven above.
Thank the Lord for all his love

   *Pray, in gratitude, for those of our church family who provided such an array of plants and guidance for the months to come that we may have a variety of flowers and vegetables to enjoy in our gardens over the summer to autumn.
   *Pray for those known to us, no longer capable of living on their own, who are now resident in care homes around the district. We ask that the comfort and love of Christ envelop them with loving care and companionship in their new surroundings.
   *Pray for families who are, at this time, living with fear and anxiety where children or teenagers are missing. Be with the Police and other emergency and voluntary services who are tasked with searching throughout the country to try and find and protect them.
   *Pray for our Kirk Session and Guild, who this week will be hosting our Communion Service for Kirkcaldy Presbyterial Council. – the culmination of the 2017/18 session and final year of the Peace, Joy and Love project which funded much needed aid, world-wide.

Sunday 20th May 2018

Cometh the day and spread your wings; 
the wings of peaceful love;
spread divine, 
attend our prayers and make this house our home.

* Remember, with gratitude, the beauty of creation surrounding us throughout the town, the almost overnight blossoming of trees and shrubs to brighten our lives. Bless and be with all those who spend time in their gardens, sharing with us the flowers, fruits, plants and vegetables.
* Pray for all who dedicate time and effort in the organizing of
Christian Aid Week. Let the knowledge of the work, which will continue to be undertaken throughout the areas of need in the world,be their reward.
* Pray for all who have, throughout the 70 years of the NHS,recognised and progressed the understanding of health and wellbeing to be of the whole person, both physical and mental. May they continue to be blessed in the future.
* Pray for those, within our community, who work as volunteers for the local Foodbank. Bless and be with them as they meet and share time with those most in need.


Sunday 13th May 2018

Humbly in your sight, we come together, Lord.
Grant us now the blessing of your presence here.

     *Pray in thanksgiving for the blessings we receive in Christ’s name here with our church family, for the fellowship, fun and enthusiastic participation by all who attended the Fashion & Bee on Friday evening. At worship on Sunday, Janice Russell was welcomed in faith to membership. Later, during worship we had the privilege of joining the parents for the baptism of baby Lilli Ritchie where we shared the love, the joy and affection among us all.
     *Pray for the message of stewardship to be understood among us that we may seek to find new ways to fulfill our vows and commitment and service to undertake and progress God’s work in this place.
     *Pray for those who provide services of care for those suffering with a mental illness as they seek to support and meet their complex needs. Grant comfort and peace to those who are grieving with mixed emotions, the death of a family member, partner or friend who have taken their own life.
     *Pray for all who will be attending the General Assembly of Church of Scotland. God grant those in roles of authority, wisdom, respect and understanding in discussion for the future of the church. Bless and be with the many youth members who will be at the event on Saturday – may they have an enjoyable and safe evening.


Sunday 6th May 2018

He who, a little child, began to show the world God’s loving plan,
proclaims from Heaven the message “let little children come to me”.


  • Pray for all new-born children in our town.  May Christ’s blessing be with each one, the grace of God guard and protect all who share their care through infancy to maturity.

  • Pray for all students in our local high schools and colleges who are undertaking national and career-dependent exams this month.  May they be blessed with good health, patience, understanding and success following months of study.

  • Pray for those known to us who suffer from domestic violence caused by alcohol, seeking safety, guidance and support for all the family.

  • Pray for the staff working for Police Scotland as they seek to meet the ever increasing needs of their restructured organization and the overwhelming demand of innovative technology in communications while guarding the community they serve.



Sunday 29th April 2018

In the just reward of labour, in the help we give our neighbour, 
in our world-wide task of caring for the hungry and despairing, God’s will is done.

   *Pray for the community of Toronto as they come to terms with the deaths and severe injuries of so many people in the deliberate and reckless traffic incident this week. May they be surrounded with loving care and comforting prayers of Christian communities throughout the world.
   *Pray for the family, friends and neighbours in Inverness whose worst fears have been realised in the recovery, from a river in Germany, of the young man who has been missing for many weeks whilst attending his brother’s pre-wedding weekend May they gather strength, comfort and peace from the love and caring which has surrounded them in their darkest days.
   *Pray for the dependents of the many people who have been in our country for years and acknowledged in so many ways to be British and belonging here - recently their residency has become uncertain. May they receive support, understanding and justice.
   *Pray with thanksgiving for those who have successfully organized recent fundraising events and for the enthusiasm of the church family who have attended and give their continued support.




Sunday 22nd April 2018

The one who longs to make us whole is waiting to embrace our broken lives so we can know the power of healing grace.
God’s love surrounds our suffering and keeps us through the night till we see morning light.

   *Pray with gratitude for the many we meet daily who have chosen a vocation of service for their lifetime work. As exam time approaches in all areas of education, we acknowledge the dedication of lecturers, teachers, support staff, invigilators and the experienced team of markers throughout the region.
   *Pray for families, friends and members of communities whose lives have been devastated with random attacks of violence with knives and guns resulting in critical injury or loss of life. May the healing grace of Christ’s comforting presence bring them peace.
   *Pray for our church family, guide and be with our elders as they visit their members prior to our stewardship service to give us all time to acknowledge and reflect on the true meaning of stewardship, a way of life; an inspiration for our Christian fellowship here in St. Ninian’s.
   *Pray for the team planning the summer mission for all children in early August. Be with those who are preparing to undertake the many different roles needed to make this valuable time of fellowship and spiritual learning for them to have fun and an enjoyable time with our church family.

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