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Daily Prayers 3

Sunday12th August 2018

Lord, for our land, in this our generation,
spirits oppressed by pleasure, wealth and care;
for young and old, for commonwealth and nation,
Lord of our land, be pleased to hear our prayer.

*   Pray with thanksgiving for the thousands of military personnel from the UK and Commonwealth who, 100 years ago, marched 8 miles to Amiens and faced a brutal battle where, for the first time, the combined air,sea and artillery fought. Today we acknowledge this brought about the end of World War 1 hostility and conflict resulting in the Armistice in November 1918.

*   Pray for those in our chuch family and community who have become unwell during the summer months are now requiring intensive treatment. May Christ be with them and those who love, care and support them with an understanding of their anxiety until their health is restored. 

*   Pray for everyone known to us this week who received exam results on which the path of their future career depends. Bless each one as they progress with their future plans in the knowledge that at crossroads more than one route can be taken to a destination. 

*   Pray for the people of the Indonesian island which has experienced 2 major earthquakes and many smaller after-shocks with a high number of deaths and people still to be accounted for. In Christ's name we seek loving care and comfort to surround the people of the many areas of the world suffering unprecedented devastation through abnormal climatic conditions or through fire and flood.

Sunday 5th August 2018

Help us to accept each other, as Christ accepted us.
Teach us as sister, brother, each person to embrace.
Be present, Lord, among us and bring us to believe
we are ourselves accepted and meant to love and live

   *Pray with thanksgiving for the many who have formalized their wish to donate vital organs, where suitable, to allow others to live life free from threatening conditions with malfunctioning organs.
   *Pray for the Moray community devastated with a tragic multiple traffic accident with the deaths of three well-loved local residents together with an adult and child on holiday from Italy. Be with them in their hour of grief and bless those coming from Italy to be comforted with love and hospitality in the area.
   *Pray for the adults over 18 in our community who have for lengthy periods been in the care of local authorities in various residential settings and now find the area they live in is unable to provide them with suitable accommodation as they progress to single living.
   *Pray for our leaders, volunteers and all the youngsters who will be attending the Summer Mission here at St. Ninian’s. May they know the blessing and the love of Christ in this place, giving them guidance to be aware of the fellowship and knowledge in all they undertake this week.


Sunday 29th July 2018

Praise God for the skills of the scientist, the urge to discover create and fulfil:
for dreams and inventions that promise to gain a future more hopeful,
a world more humane.

   *   Pray with thanksgiving for the advances in research, for the knowledge and understanding which has given blessings and joy to many childless couples with the advances in IVF and obstetrics.

   *   Pray for the many overseas delegates and members of youth organisations who are taking part in events and conferences in Scotland over the next few weeks that they enjoy our hospitality, the environment of their choice and fulfillment in activity programmes. 

   *   Pray that the negotiations involving the future of BiFab will be fruitful and that the specialist work for energy in the environment here and in Harris will be reactivated.

   *   Pray for the people of Greece as they mourn the loss of so many people trapped in the fiercest wild fires in their history which swept through coastal villages outside Athens. In their overwhelming grief may they receive aid and support as they strive to restore homes and daily living. 


Sunday 22nd July 2018

Oh the light of the world is a joy and a treasure,
unfolding in luxury the green growing trees,
the changing of seasons in mountain and valley,
the stars and the bright restless sea


Sunday 15th July 2018

Thanks be to God for the ploughing, sowing, reaping,
silent growth while we are sleeping,
future needs in earth’s safekeeping.


Sunday 8th July 2018

We have an anchor that keeps the soul, 
steadfast and sure while the billows roll; 
fastened to the Rock which cannot move, 
grounded firm and deep in the Saviour’s love!

   *Pray with thanksgiving for the dedicated service personnel who have served so diligently for our nation in areas of conflict or peacekeeping duties throughout the world. Be with them and their families at all times especially as they retire; may we grant them a respectful welcome and understanding as they adjust to civilian life.
   *Pray for the family and friends of Alesha MacPhail as they come to terms with her death.
   *Pray for the many families throughout the world who are suffering the loss of their children through tragic incidents; landslide in Japan, refugees drowning in the Mediterranean and tragic car crashes in the UK. Pray too for the situation in Thailand; give comfort to the families and assist the rescuers in what will be a long struggle to free the trapped boys.
   *Pray for continuing support for our local FoodBank as they meet the increasing demand of the summer break. Provide volunteers and customers time to relax and enjoy a change of pace for theses few weeks in the knowledge that the goodwill of the town residents will continue to provide supplies.

Sunday 1st July 2018

Summer suns are glowing over land and sea;
happy light is flowing, bountiful and free. 
Everything rejoices in the mellow ray;
all earth’s thousand voices swell the psalm of praise.


   *Pray with thanksgiving for the 70 years of the NHS; the emotions of living are experienced by us all with the fulfilled hope of one man, Aneurin Bevan in 1948 - a medical service, cradle to grave, free at the point of need.

   *Pray for the Manchester and District Fire Service and Army personnel who are tirelessly working to contain the fires on Saddleworth Moor to save the surrounding community from the effect of the constant wind changes, the fierce fire and clouds of smoke.  Guard, guide, protect them from injury and give them strength and rest as they complete their task.

   *Pray for parents who are becoming increasingly anxious about the intensity and spread of Internet games and social media addiction, in particular with 11 to 17 year olds, causing conflict with siblings and friends with bullying, tiredness and mental health issues.

   *Pray for the staff and volunteers who will be giving of their time and service to assist over the holidays in providing food for the pupils who would normally have a school lunch; also the group leaders who provide games, activities in halls and parks in summer clubs.

Sunday 24th June 2018

I heard the voice of Jesus say, “come unto me and rest;
lay down, thou weary one,
lay down thy head upon my breast.”
I found in Him a resting place, and He has made me glad.

   *Pray this morning with thanksgiving for those of the church family and community who fill our life with music in so many ways; the members of the Choir and Praise Band who lead us in worship, and the Singing for Seniors who sing to entertain through fellowship and fundraising.
   *Pray for the Annual meeting of St. Ninian’s Charity Shop and Community Café: guide and be with the Office Bearers, Trustees and members as they meet to progress the business of the project forward.
   *Pray for the school communities in our area as they break for the summer. Surround those who are moving on in their life with a feeling of satisfaction for a job well done and help them to relax into the new challenges of retirement. For the pupils, a safe holiday, adventure-packed; and for the seniors, time to reflect, hoped-for results, and enjoy the summer.
   *Pray for the members of our church family who today are mourning the death of a beloved partner of 60 years, together with a family grieving for a devoted Mother, a few months after the death of their Father. The grace and love of Christ surround each one at this life-changing time of sadness. We give thanks for their shared friendship and service over the years.


Sunday 17th June 2018

The Church is not a building, the Church is not a steeple,
the Church is not a resting place, the Church is a people!
We are the Church together.

   *Pray today with thanksgiving love in our hearts for our Fathers who gave us life; influenced and guided us in many ways as we undertake our journey through life. We ask God’s blessing to be with all Fathers here in this place and our wider community.
   *Pray for the increasing number of families who find themselves unable to continue living in their own homes: the burden of a continuing increase in household budgets being no longer sustainable and they have become homeless. May they receive support, care and understanding as they seek a suitable solution to remain together.
   *Pray for the group of ethnic women in Glasgow who are working together to meet the needs of refugees from Somalia and other African regions who have been settled in their area and are suffering from fear, isolation, loneliness and mental health issues caused by lack of knowledge and understanding of language and culture following their traumatic journey to freedom from poverty and conflict.
   *Pray that our church family who come along on Thursday will enjoy an evening of fellowship and renewal of neighbourly friendship and meet with new members who have recently come to our area and worship here in St. Ninian’s.


Sunday 10th June 2018

Loving God, you hear our prayer for all those in need today.
Show us how we can help you; lead us to do what we can in your name.

   *Pray for all the volunteers we need in our daily routine: many in our church family volunteer in different ways in the community. May they know the gratitude felt by those they assist in a variety of ways; the thoughtful kindness they share lifts their spirit and brightens their day.
   *Pray for those known to us who are in hospital awaiting diagnosis and treatment for illness and conditions which cause them pain and anxiety. We ask that they receive care, comfort and recovery and are able to return home soon.
   *Pray for those who are finding family life full of uncertainty as they begin to adjust to a loved one facing a future of change as they come to terms with dementia. Grant each one patience, loving care, comfort, support and understanding.
   *Pray with thanksgiving for the youth team who lead us in our worship today – may their enthusiasm and message of outreaching fellowship be of guidance to those they meet on life’s journey.


Sunday 3rd June 2018

What a friend we have in Jesus, all our sins and griefs to bear!
What a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer.

   *Pray with thanksgiving for the many people in every area of community planning who have progressed the development of our town, Glenrothes, for 70 years being celebrated this year. We seek support for the staff and volunteers of our Charity Shop and Community Café as they aim to take us back in time for a 1948 Jumble Sale.
   *Pray for the family and residents of Brussels who once more have been targeted with a terrorist incident resulting in the death of 4 adults, 2 on-duty policewomen. May they know the warmth and comfort of God’s love around them as they try to understand another attack on their daily life.
   *Pray for the senior students throughout the region who, with their exams complete, are now in the exciting transition time of relaxing, planning and seeking placements in their choices for the future. May they be guided, protected and fulfilled in their aspirations towards career access, training and employment.
   *Pray for those known to us in our church family who have recently been married. In seeking Christ’s blessing on their future lives together, let us also give thanks for the number of couples who worship with us and this year celebrate marriages of over 50 and 60 years.


Sunday 27th May 2018

All good gifts around us are sent from heaven above.
Thank the Lord for all his love

   *Pray, in gratitude, for those of our church family who provided such an array of plants and guidance for the months to come that we may have a variety of flowers and vegetables to enjoy in our gardens over the summer to autumn.
   *Pray for those known to us, no longer capable of living on their own, who are now resident in care homes around the district. We ask that the comfort and love of Christ envelop them with loving care and companionship in their new surroundings.
   *Pray for families who are, at this time, living with fear and anxiety where children or teenagers are missing. Be with the Police and other emergency and voluntary services who are tasked with searching throughout the country to try and find and protect them.
   *Pray for our Kirk Session and Guild, who this week will be hosting our Communion Service for Kirkcaldy Presbyterial Council. – the culmination of the 2017/18 session and final year of the Peace, Joy and Love project which funded much needed aid, world-wide.

Sunday 20th May 2018

Cometh the day and spread your wings; 
the wings of peaceful love;
spread divine, 
attend our prayers and make this house our home.

* Remember, with gratitude, the beauty of creation surrounding us throughout the town, the almost overnight blossoming of trees and shrubs to brighten our lives. Bless and be with all those who spend time in their gardens, sharing with us the flowers, fruits, plants and vegetables.
* Pray for all who dedicate time and effort in the organizing of
Christian Aid Week. Let the knowledge of the work, which will continue to be undertaken throughout the areas of need in the world,be their reward.
* Pray for all who have, throughout the 70 years of the NHS,recognised and progressed the understanding of health and wellbeing to be of the whole person, both physical and mental. May they continue to be blessed in the future.
* Pray for those, within our community, who work as volunteers for the local Foodbank. Bless and be with them as they meet and share time with those most in need.


Sunday 13th May 2018

Humbly in your sight, we come together, Lord.
Grant us now the blessing of your presence here.

     *Pray in thanksgiving for the blessings we receive in Christ’s name here with our church family, for the fellowship, fun and enthusiastic participation by all who attended the Fashion & Bee on Friday evening. At worship on Sunday, Janice Russell was welcomed in faith to membership. Later, during worship we had the privilege of joining the parents for the baptism of baby Lilli Ritchie where we shared the love, the joy and affection among us all.
     *Pray for the message of stewardship to be understood among us that we may seek to find new ways to fulfill our vows and commitment and service to undertake and progress God’s work in this place.
     *Pray for those who provide services of care for those suffering with a mental illness as they seek to support and meet their complex needs. Grant comfort and peace to those who are grieving with mixed emotions, the death of a family member, partner or friend who have taken their own life.
     *Pray for all who will be attending the General Assembly of Church of Scotland. God grant those in roles of authority, wisdom, respect and understanding in discussion for the future of the church. Bless and be with the many youth members who will be at the event on Saturday – may they have an enjoyable and safe evening.


Sunday 6th May 2018

He who, a little child, began to show the world God’s loving plan,
proclaims from Heaven the message “let little children come to me”.




Sunday 29th April 2018

In the just reward of labour, in the help we give our neighbour, 
in our world-wide task of caring for the hungry and despairing, God’s will is done.

   *Pray for the community of Toronto as they come to terms with the deaths and severe injuries of so many people in the deliberate and reckless traffic incident this week. May they be surrounded with loving care and comforting prayers of Christian communities throughout the world.
   *Pray for the family, friends and neighbours in Inverness whose worst fears have been realised in the recovery, from a river in Germany, of the young man who has been missing for many weeks whilst attending his brother’s pre-wedding weekend May they gather strength, comfort and peace from the love and caring which has surrounded them in their darkest days.
   *Pray for the dependents of the many people who have been in our country for years and acknowledged in so many ways to be British and belonging here - recently their residency has become uncertain. May they receive support, understanding and justice.
   *Pray with thanksgiving for those who have successfully organized recent fundraising events and for the enthusiasm of the church family who have attended and give their continued support.




Sunday 22nd April 2018

The one who longs to make us whole is waiting to embrace our broken lives so we can know the power of healing grace.
God’s love surrounds our suffering and keeps us through the night till we see morning light.

   *Pray with gratitude for the many we meet daily who have chosen a vocation of service for their lifetime work. As exam time approaches in all areas of education, we acknowledge the dedication of lecturers, teachers, support staff, invigilators and the experienced team of markers throughout the region.
   *Pray for families, friends and members of communities whose lives have been devastated with random attacks of violence with knives and guns resulting in critical injury or loss of life. May the healing grace of Christ’s comforting presence bring them peace.
   *Pray for our church family, guide and be with our elders as they visit their members prior to our stewardship service to give us all time to acknowledge and reflect on the true meaning of stewardship, a way of life; an inspiration for our Christian fellowship here in St. Ninian’s.
   *Pray for the team planning the summer mission for all children in early August. Be with those who are preparing to undertake the many different roles needed to make this valuable time of fellowship and spiritual learning for them to have fun and an enjoyable time with our church family.