Daily Prayers

Sunday 10th September 2017

May the God of hope go with us every day,
filling all our lives with love, joy and peace.

*   Pray for the Guild members as they go forward into the third and final year of their theme "Be Bold - Go in Love"  - very challenging for today's world. 
*   Pray for all known to us who are receiving surgery this week - may they have a successful and speedy recovery.
*   Pray for the families of the many people who have been missing from their homes for a number of years. Be with and comfort them in the depths of the anxiety they feel in having no evidence of where they are now.
*   Pray for the humanity of the world as so many continents are facing devastation, flooding, famine and conflict. 


Sunday 3rd September 2017

        For His purpose He has called us, in His hands He will uphold us
        and will keep us and sustain us in the Father’s love.


  • Pray for the people of Texas who have sustained such devastation in the tropical storm damage - floods never known to be so relentless or lengthy, with a year’s rainfall in 4 days!  May the spirit of God’s love for all be with them and those who came in from all areas and the many services that have worked so tirelessly to assist in dangerous rescues and saved many lives.  Let us be thankful for the uncertainty of our own temperate climate.
  • Pray for the organizing committee and volunteers of our local FoodBank.  Give them insight and understanding to maintain the dignity and offer care to those who use the service; a service which recognizes the extended need of many with clothing, household vouchers, a friendly cuppa - this is the presence of Christ in our community.
  • Pray with thanksgiving for the successful completion of the new Queensferry crossing and for the expertise of all who brought this project to completion.  The challenge of engineering such a spectacular addition to the landscape of our area has to be one of the beauties of Scotland but acknowledging the sacrifice of those who have lost their health, been severely injured or lost their life.  Support, comfort and peace be with those families at this time.
  • Bless and be with the Kirk Session as they meet to plan the 2017/2018 session.


Sunday 27th August 2017

Have we trials and temptations, is there trouble anywhere?
We should never be discouraged:  take it to the Lord in prayer. 


*   Pray with gratitude for the team organisers and all who worked so diligently over the summer months in preparing for the annual Fete, undertaking the many activities on Saturday and giving so much pleasure to all who attended.
*   Pray for the farmers in and around our area who are so dependent on the weather to bring their crops safely to a ripened state, ready for harvesting. 
*   Pray for the new session of the many church organisations as they welcome their members both returning and, hopefully, new to take part in the planned 2017/2018 programmes. 
*   Pray with thanksgiving for our guest members who attended the afternoon communion, They show such pleasure and gratitude for this special service of worship in the church where it seems like yesterday they were the inspiration for the St Ninian's of today. 


Sunday 20th August 2017

Forgive our sins, as we forgive.
You taught us Lord to pray but you alone can grant us grace to live the words we say.


*    Pray for the country and people of Sierra Leone as the disaster unfolds.  Hold and support Tear Fund admin and aid workers in their front-line role of support.

*    Pray for all who are involved in our local schools for the 2017/2018 session - for teachers and pupils and focus on safety and security in their environment.  The programmes of learning be preparation and understanding to live in an inclusive though constantly changing world of today.

*    Pray for those in our country who have suffered the loss of family members – peace, comfort and understanding be with each one in these tragic thought-provoking circumstances.

*    Pray with thanksgiving for the research scientists and engineers involved in the many areas of innovative renewable power, solar power farms and floating wind farms and wind machines.


Sunday 13th August 2017

This is the day that the Lord has made, 
We will rejoice and be glad in it. 

*   Pray with gratitude for all who gave of their time and experience providing a happy and successful week of fun,  laughter and learning about our faith and making lasting memories for a lifetime for the youngsters attending the Holiday Club.
*   Pray with thanksgiving for our church family and all around us as we move to the new school year with all its promises for so many known to us in the community. The anxieties of a new school, expanding circle of friends;  challenges of decisions to be made now that the exam results are known. Give time for reflection and thanksgiving for achievement, and surround all with the the knowledge of our loving care. 
*   Pray for all concerned in our region with the responsibility of housing to be supported in the very urgent need of addressing the high number of people becoming homeless daily. The reasons are many and varied - health, personal and financial, making them fearful of future living. 
*   Pray for the UN negotiators to be calm and peaceful as they seek to achieve understanding between conflicting nations - North Korea and the United States - on behalf of all the people of the world. 


Sunday 6th August 2017

For young and old, a place at the table, a voice to be heard, a part in the song, the hands of a child in kind and work-worn hands, for young and old the right to belong. 

*   Pray for the children who will be coming to the Church Holiday Club this week.  Be with the organising team and group leaders as they share fellowship and Christian learning in new songs, games and  Bible stories. 
*   Pray with thanksgiving for the dedication and care of the doctors and nurses who have given hope and renewed strength and mobility to those who recently took part in the Transplant Games. To observe their joy in participation in such a physical arena was to see the face of faith, hope and dedication. 
*   Pray for compassionate understanding to suround the families, neighbours and professionals who are suffering so many conflicting emotions over the the untimely deaths of 3 abused infants in our region. 
*   Pray for all who are involved in supporting the work of Gilven House, giving thanks for their loving care and understanding to young women who seek guidance through days of uncertainty at a difficult time in their lives. 


Sunday 30th July 2017

Here in this place new light is streaming, 
now is the darkness vanished away.

See in this place our fears and our dreaming,
brought here to You in the light of the day. 

*   Pray for the management committee of the Charity Shop and Community Café as they move forward in the appointment of a new Project Manager.
*   Pray for the Glenrothes team at present attending the Twin Town Olympiad in B
öblingen that they have had a fulfilling time in their chosen sport and return safely with memories of an enjoyable and successful trip.
*   Pray for the humanitarian crisis in Yemen; give rest and strength to the aid workers, medics and all staff as they face the trials of saving an entire country from the horrors of cholera.
*   Pray for all who have been involved in the controversy surrounding the end of life concerns for  Charlie Gard.  Protect and surround the parents with compassion, comfort, understanding and loving care with space to remember and absorb the grief they are experiencing and allow earliest memories of their baby son. 


Sunday 23rd July 2017

Prayer is the burden of a sigh., the falling of a tear, the upward glance of an eye, when none but God is near. 

*   Pray with thanksgiving for the warmth of the summer sun and the fruit farmers whose planning, labour and skilled workers provide us locally with such a variety of delicious fruits. 

*   Pray for the areas of the country devastated with the summer gales and flash floods and for the residents and holidaymakers who have been left with interrupted road and rail links. 

*   Pray for understanding, support and comfort for the young students who have silently been victims of bullying and domestic violence in their first year away from home and family in unfamiliar towns. Restore their trust in those around them. 

*   Pray with gratitude and love for Elsie, the first and only retiring Project manager of the Charity Shop and Community Cafe.  After 15 years of total dedication to the community and residents, her early identifying of needs provided a valuable insight and link with the aim of showing the message of "Love the neighbour" in action.  Bless her in the days ahead with good health and happiness in the knowledge that she has earned the respect of her church family and community. 


Sunday 16th July 2017

Longing for peace, our world is troubled. Longing for hope, many despair, Your word alone has power to save us, Your living word. 

*   Pray for the families in our community who are finding daily life difficult as Police contine to seek answers whilst tracing a missing local man. 

*   Pray for the families of those who accidentally drowned in Fife and in Loch Lomond this week, whilst pursuing recreational challenges in difficult areas of water. Give thanks for the emergency services answering these calls and bring comfort and understanding to grieving families and friends. 

*   Pray for compassion and loving comfort and understanding to surround all parents and siblings experiencing the deepest agony of pain when a longed-for baby is born unable to survive independently.

*   Pray for world leaders to assist the many aid agencies and charities to bring relief to the thousands of traumatised orphans and broken families in Baghdad.


Sunday 9th July 2017

Jesus taught us how to be a family, loving one another with the love He gives to all.

*  Pray in gratitude for those who donate the flowers which enhance the worship room every Sunday.  Bless and be with them all. 

*   Pray for the staff and volunteers in the community cafe as they meet the increased number of of families who are being welcomed over the holiday weeks when their school lunches are not available. 

*   Pray for the pleasure and safety of families who are taking part in the many leisure activities around the area. 

*   Pray for local understanding of those involved in the survey results and further consultation for the perceived future needs within our community at Glenwood Centre and in West Glenrothes. 

Sunday 2nd July 2017

Pray for a nation, just and fair, that seeks the welfare of us all, whose leaders guide with prudent care and nurture life for great and small.

*   Pray for all teachers and ancillary staff in schools around us who have worked tirelessly and diligently with the pupils in their care throughout the past months. May a leisurely, restful, and relaxing holiday with family and friends be their reward.

*   Pray with thanksgiving for the members of our church family who weekly take time to share and put into action their faith whilst working with our Junior Church and Youth Fellowship. 

*   Pray for understanding and compassion for all those known to us who are grieving for so many reasons at this time of their lives: loss of a much loved family member, close friend, neighbour; unemployment, source of income or loss of hope.

*   Pray with gratitude for the skills and expertise of naval architects and planners in their achievement in the feat of maneuvering HMS Queen Elizabeth from dock to open seas.  Our prayers go with all involved with the the sea trials for safety and success. 


Sunday 25th June 2017

Lord, you sometimes speak in silence throughout our loud and noisy day; we know and trust you better when we quietly wait and pray.

*   Pray with deeper knowledge and understanding for the many seriously injured who remain in hospitals around the country following acts of terrorism.

*   Pray for the plight of the homeless survivors, the bereaved, the staff, officials and volunteers of the many services attempting to keep their community together after the Grenfell Tower blaze. Give them rest, strength and hope to face tomorrow. 

*   Pray for those in our own community who have been affected by the published report on Child Protection in Fife. Where there has been fear, misunderstanding, turmoil and grief, let peace and healing assist in the acceptance of the recommendations.

*   Pray for thoses of our church family who are moving on in their professional lives. B;ess them as they seek and follow new paths, thankfully acknowledging the fulfilment of what has already been achieved and their plans for the future. 

*   Pray for the children and teachers who look forward to the summer holidays. Grant them fun, safety and renewal so that when they return to school they are ready for the next chapter of their lives. 


Sunday 11th June 2017 

How sweet the name of Jesus sounds in a believer's ear. It soothes our sorrows, heals our wounds and drives away our fears. 

*   Pray for those among us who are grieving the loss of a loved family member.  Comfort them with the memories of their presence and guide them through life.

*   Pray for those who have the responsibility of caring for others of all ages in their homes.  Bless the young carers who find the many tasks they face, together with all the additional calls on their day, difficult. 

*   Pray with thanksgiving for all our church teams and members who take time to organise and participate in the many fundraising opportunities needed to keep our church accounts healthy.

*   Pray for everyone who daily works for the transport services around Fife and beyond - taxi, bus, sea and air.

*   Pray for members who for many reasons are no longer able to come to be with us for Sunday worship.  Give those around them guidance and understanding that the Pastoral Care team are there to support and keep them within the Church family. 

*   Pray for all members of Parliament as they meet together after the recent General Election. Grant them wisdom to serve their constituents well, and strength to work towards peace in our land.  


Sunday 4th June 2017 - Pentecost

There's a spirit in the air, telling Christians everywhere. Praise the love that Christ reveals, living, working in our world.

*   Pray for all the victims of abuse who are required to give evidence to the Historic Institutional Child Abuse enquiry which began this week. Give them strength and understanding as they face the ordeal of reliving the distress of their formative years. 

*   Pray for all the cyclists who have been injured or lost their lives by becoming trapped in the tramlines in Edinburgh. Be with the families as they come to term with their grief and support them as they petition the authorities for access to safer routes.

*   Pray for those in our church and community who have been diagnosed with dementia or other mental health issues.  Be with their relatives, friends and neighbours who share and support them daily as they meet their diverse needs in order that they may live safely and with dignity. 

*   Pray with gratitude and blessing for those in our Presbytery who have been called by their deep faith to train for ministry in the church. The study journey is complex, academic, practical and lengthy which makes the reality of personal living difficult. 


 Sunday 28th May 2017

*   Pray, holding in thoughtful compassion the families of Eilidh MacLeod and Laura MacIntyre. Be with the community of Barra as they meet and try to understand the cruelty of the world which has entered their lives.

*   Pray with gratitude for the strength, caring and dedication of all involved in the horror of the Manchester attack. Remember daily, those who have critical injuries and the families who have been bereaved.

*   Pray for understanding, tolerance and patience throughout the country by those who daily provide us with complex electioneering information.

*   Pray for all the students in our area who this week leave school and move to a variety of placements in education, preparing for their future. Let them be blest with a summer of relaxation, enjoyment and reminiscence of their most fruitful days in life. 

*   Pray for the members of our church family -  give comfort, peace and support to those who are facing pain and anxiety. 


Sunday 21st May 2017

As we are gathered, Jesus is here,
one with each other, Jesus is here. 

*   Pray with thanksgiving for those of our church family who were led by faith to establish, in our community, a charity shop and café to meet the needs of the community.

*   Pray for those who tirelessly give so willingly of their time, expertise, skills and talents to voluntarily work in both the shop and the café.

*   Pray for all who have been involved in the chaos of the recent cyber attack on IT systems worldwide. Be with those who have suffered anxiety and fear over health issues, treatments and diagnostic testing. 

*   Pray throughout the week for support and guidance for the Assembly Commissioners attending the many debates after which they are requested to vote on behalf of the Church of Scotland membership; in particular for the Youth Members' Report. Here our youth is an integral part of our church family as they contribute so much to our daily lives. 


Sunday 14th May 2017

*  Pray for the many families who have recently been in deep emotional turmoil following unusual accidents where children have been injured or lost their precious life.

*  Pray for those known to us who have lost their home and all their possessions through unforeseen disasters of fire and water. May they have practical support and care.

*  Pray for those known to us who are suffering with anxiety and unrecognised stress. Surround them with love, care and understanding. 

*  Pray with gratitude for the beauty which surrounds us and for those who maintain the ever-changing environment with bright seasonal displays.

*  Pray for those responsible for the business of the General Assembly. Support and guide all commissioners attending from our local churches.


Sunday 7th May 2017

New light, new day, the Spring has come, let all the church be part of it.

* Pray for the future of all at St Ninian's as we begin a new era of life with our new minister who has just begun the task of being introduced to the district areas which surround our church and parish.

*  Pray for the many departments of NHS Scotland known to have concerns in fulfilling the needs of local surgeries and hospitals. 

*  Pray for all charity fundraisers finding difficulty in being able to meet the aims of war-torn countries, particularly Christian Aid.

*  Pray for the many children and adults who go missing every day from our own community and neighbouring towns - give them hope, comfort and peace. 


Sunday 30th April 2017

Humbly in your sight we come together, Lord, grant us now the blessing of your presence here

* Pray with thanksgiving for the future spiritual life of St Ninian's parish as we welcome in our new minister and his family. 
* Be with Very Rev Dr John Chalmers as he continues in his faith journey, sharing his enthusiasm and deep belief in the national church and the message of peace and unity.
* Pray that there will be a successful response to the Presbytery quest for a Prayer Promoter and team. Prayer is the fuel and power of faith.
* Pray for all the senior pupils preparing to sit their final exams during the next few weeks. Be with each and every one and give thanks for the guidance and confidence given by their teachers over the years. 
* Pray for everyone and working towards the local council elections - candidates and administrators alike.

Sunday 23rd April 2017


  • Pray that the message of the Blessing of Easter remains in our hearts and minds as we continue on our faith journey through daily encounters with those around us in life.  Hope, Peace, Joy, Love
  • Pray for the men who have come forward to the relevant Football clubs in Scotland with cases of physical and sexual abuse by their trainers when they were younger, They were afraid to speak out against them, or admit to their families, for fear of losing their opportunity to progress in their career ambition. Let them have peace, healing and strength for the future. 
  • Pray for those expressing deep anxiety about their loss of income through recent specific adjustments to the Disability and Child Care Allowances they have been receiving.
  • Pray for the officebearers, organisations, guests and church family to enjoy the evening of worship and social participation at the Service of Induction and welcome for Rev David Smith to St Ninian's on 27th April.  Give thanks to all for their endeavours in concluding our vacancy so swiftly.


Sunday 16th April 2017

The stone had gone, the tomb was bare, the body of Christ no longer there. HE IS RISEN, the Angel said.


* Pray for those in our community who have been recently bereaved and surround them at this time with love, comfort and peace.
* Pray thankfully for the church family, for the sincere Christian witness of the members to the spiritual life in our area and town.
* Pray for the children as they return to nursery and school this week. May they find joy in the gift of learning together.
* Pray for this troubled world where many people are unaware of the Resurrection.
* Pray in gratitude for the dedication and spiritual guidance we have received during Holy Week services from Rev Alistair McLeod.
* Pray for the Rev David Smith and his family as they prepare to leave Grangemouth to come and be with us at St Ninian's.



Sunday 9th April 2017

Jesus on a donkey, children singing hosanna, waving palms all the way.

* Pray for all who participate in the services of preparation for Easter in our local churches this week. 
* Pray for those known to us in our church family who are anxious about their future health, those awaiting hospital appointments or treatment and those who are uncertain of their ability to return home in full health. 
* Pray for the people of Syria who this week have suffered the loss of so many children in the atrocious chemical attack. 
* Pray for those who work so hard to bring the promise of spring to our town and its environment.


Sunday 2nd April 2017

There is something much greater than human action - PRAYER

*  Pray for the families in town who have suffered in the incidents of fire-raising causing severe anxiety and injury.

*  Pray for our own staff and volunteers in the Community Cafe as they prepare and serve meals to vulnerable pupils and crers during the holidays when meals are not available to them at school.

*  Pray for tolerance and understanding in all areas of our country where there is uncertainty over local needs and facilities due to budget cuts. 

*  Pray for a successful and realistic plan to the undertaking of mental health of young people which is before MSPs this week.


Sunday 26th March 2017

Treasure the memories of all God has done in the past,bring them to mind as a beacon of hope for the future.  (Jeremiah 31, vv 3&4)

* Pray for all who have been involved in the many incidents around Westminster on Wednesday. Give thanks for the emergency services and a blessing on the families of the police personnel. Comfort the family and friends of those who lost their lives, and those who suffered such horrendous injuries.

* Pray for the nation in this hour of unrest and uncertainty in the many issues facing MSPs, MPs and negotiators as we observe the crtical withdrawal from the EEC.

* Pray for thoughtful understanding and discretion to be with all who are involved in coping with the anxiety of changing DLA benefits this week. 

* Pray with gratitude for our Treasurer for the time and expertise he devotes to our financial status. Remember also those who throughout the year diligently organise fund-raisers for our Church. 


Sunday 19th March 2017

If there were no clouds, we wouldn't appreciate when the sun comes out, (Matthew 5, V45)

* Pray with thanksgiving for the service and dedication of our nominating committee, their task now completed successfully.

* Pray for the people of Africa and the middle East, today facing the crisis of famine. Ask for nationwide support to the charities known to us who are tirelessly attempting to avert imminent disaster in the loss of a generation of children.

* Pray for the police, who with new technology are attempting to solve a number of unanswered cases. Comfort the famlies who daily live in hope of an end to their anguish.

* Pray with joy and thanksgiving for those who have shared in the life of St Ninian's and this week are celebrating many years of happy marriage.


Sunday 12th March 2017


  • Pray for the school communities in Glenrothes as they meet the concerns about the dangers of prescription drugs circulating in the town.
  • Pray for the family, friends and neighbours of the 14 year old pupil in Tanshall who died earlier this week.
  • Pray for those known to us who are bereaved - may god's loving comfort and peace surround them through the coming days. 
  • Pray for those who are faced with the uncertainty of recovery; be with those who provide their care, pain relief and healing peace.
  • Hold in prayer the Rev David Smith and his family who are worshipping with us today.



Sunday 5th March 2017

Daily Prayers - Recently our Junior Church spent their time together writing their understanding of the Lord's Prayer; we share it with you in its simplicity.

Our Father in Heaven
Help us to honour your name
Come and set up your Kingdom
So that everyone on earth will obey you
As you are obeyed in Heaven
Give us our food for today
Forgive us foe doing wrong,
As we forgive others.
Keep us from being tempted
and protect us from evil.

* Pray for the Office Bearers undertaking the many formal duties required to prepare the St Ninian's congregation for this sunday's service. service

* Hold in prayer the Rev David Smith and his family - they are in our thoughts as they also prepare to meet with us in worship.


Sunday 26th February 2017


  •  Pray with gratitude for those who give of their time, talents and loving care to the younger members of the church at worship and throughout the week at youth activity sessions.
  •  Pray for the Guild members and their guests from all the local church guilds who attended our seed Time Supper this week, fully embracing the theme for the year: JOY - Jesus, Others and Yourselves.
  •  Pray for the members of the Glenrothes & Böblingen Ecumenical Group who are fundraising to continue their work of extending the hand of friendship to our Twin Town throughout the year. 
  •  Pray for the visiting ministers who are contributing to our worship during the vacancy.


Sunday 19th February 2017

  • Pray for the family, friends and community of Crossgates as they mourn the tragic death of 3 year old Stuart Nelson who lost his life in an accident on the farm. 
  • Pray for a greater understanding throughout many areas of our country where a recent report has indicated that many children and young adults in our schools are in need of much earlier support to identify specific problems.
  • Pray with thanksgiving for those who contribute so much to the spirituality of worship with their leading us in music, instrumental and song, which supports the message of the service.
  • Pray for the people of St Ninian's as they move towards a new chapter in their history of service.


Sunday 12th February 2017

  • Pray for the people of Yemen facing famine that their need may be met by peaceful endeavour.
  • Pray. with thanksgiving, for our voluntary rescue services, land, sea and air, working in hazardous conditions to save the lives of many.
  • Pray for those who have operations and diagnosis tests postponed, causing anxiety in their lives.
  • Pray for those in hospital facing a future of recovery, rehabilitation and ability to live independently.
  • Pray for all who minister in work and service, and continue to ask for support for our Nomination Committee. 

Daily Prayers
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